"This entire series of books by Rozell are fabulous. Stories straight from those who were there and faced the enemy."

OVER HALF A MILLION READERS. Real World War II history from the mouths of the men and women who were there. Most times, they couldn't share their experiences with their own wives and children, but they open up to you, the reader. Come sit with us at the kitchen table for a few hours and let them tell you the story that they have never told anyone before.

Because dying for freedom isn't the worst that could happen. Being forgotten is.


A selection of series comments left by readers and fans of our World War II narrative oral histories:

—"Television and movies may capture the imagination of a romantic, adventurous version of war, but these plain-spoken veterans acknowledge the truth of the horror and loss of warfare. My sincere thanks to Matthew Rozell for his efforts."

"I have been a student of this war for over 60 years and the author made me want to read more of these types of books. Mr. Rozell constructed the living memories of [our] heroes into a striking and amazing narrative."

—"If you are looking for blood, guts and glory, look elsewhere. However, if you are looking for tales of normal people undertaking extraordinary tasks then read on, and be humbled."

"Now I know why [my father] didn't talk about his war, his four years in New Guinea. I now have a much better understanding of why."

—"Having so many voices speaking in the first-person made the book read easier. Like the Bible, it is a compilation more than a single book,and so many perspectives added color. I was sorry to reach the end, and that is a rarity."

"My father was wounded during the war in Europe. He would never talk about the war or what he went through. It was always a big mystery -that part of his life. Your book helped me understand, a little better what my father faced - the fear, horror and suffering that is most personal to each soldier. Thank you for writing this excellent book."

—"The survivors of WW2 are the generation of ultimate self sacrifice but also dignified silence. Long may books like this be read by the young people of the 21st century to understand the hardship, altruism and sacrifice of others that built the freedoms of today. Remarkable men and women, thank you one and all." 

"As a historian with the National WWII Museum, I receive a lot of books 'over the transom'. By and large, they're all interesting and capture the experiences of young men thrown into the horrors of a vicious war, but this one is different... It should be required reading for every high school and college age student.

The best of the American character is brought out in these storieswe learn how men from rural Northern areas met and bonded with kids from Appalachia, Southerners, kids who grew up in Jewish homes from the Bronx, Irish Catholics from Boston. For the first time, they realized the size and variety, the richness of cultures and classes of the people in this country. In other words, they became Americans.

Patriotism, for many of these veterans, took a back seat to the responsibility they felt to their compatriots.They fought, not so much against the enemy, but rather for the guys next to them. And they brought that spirit back home with them. Young people should not see them only as heroes but as models of what they can become, who set aside their differences to stand beside each other as Americans."

— “A must-read in every high school in America. It is a very poignant look back at our greatest generation; maybe it will inspire the next one.” 



A selection of comments on the book  A TRAIN NEAR MAGDEBURG:

~"The story of the end of the Holocaust and the Nazi regime told from a very different and precise angle. First-hand accounts from Jewish survivors and the US soldiers that secured their freedom. Gripping."

~"Could not put this book down--I just finished reading 'A Train Near Magdeburg.' Tears fell as I read pages and I smiled through others. I wish I could articulate the emotions that accompanied me through the stories of these beautiful people."

~"Loved how author weaved the many personal stories of the train survivors and ultimately their rescuers. These were normal people thrust into a most horrendous historical event where they bravely showed the best side of humanity. As a son of a survivor I'm always fascinated to learn the backstory of survivors and rescuers looking to understand how this happened but also looking for the best in people. Thank you for writing this book and bringing them all together!

~"Buy this book. Read it. Share it. It's worth the time and expense to lose yourself in something that never should have happened. You owe it to yourself to immerse yourself in this journey."

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